Flowers Davis Teams with East Texas Title Companies in Community Service

TYLER, TX (August 1, 2022) — On Saturday morning, Flowers Davis Attorney Corey Kellam joined other area experts in community service at a panel discussion in Longview. The free panel discussion was tailored for the residents of South Longview, and covered topics such as property title, wills and trusts, life insurance, real estate acquisition and probate. Kellam specifically addressed how title and estate laws come into play when there is no will and advised the participants on the legal steps they need to take to transfer title into their name or sell.

Of his involvement on the panel, Kellam had this to say: “I was honored to participate in this event. ‘Information is knowledge and knowledge is power’ seemed to be a theme for the morning. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how property passes at death and how to create a valid will. There were lots of questions about paying taxes on inherited property where there are multiple heirs and only one or a few keep up the taxes and maintenance. The misconception is that the ones who pay the taxes are the only ones who now own the property, but that’s not the case. Their stewardship actually helps all the other heirs, even those who are not contributing. Although this could be considered bad news, I was pleased to be able to clear this up for the audience. We need more of this type of grassroots community engagement; it’s an extremely effective way to make a positive impact on our East Texas communities and provides a great opportunity for exchange of ideas and information.”

Kellam learned about the event from Kelly Lewis, Client Relations Officer for East Texas Title Companies, which is owned by Celia Flowers, Senior Partner at Flowers Davis. While visiting Johnson Realty in Longview and hearing about the need for this community education, Lewis immediately thought of asking Kellam to participate. Lewis said, “Many East Texans don’t understand how Celia’s companies work together to serve the community. This is one example of how the title company works with the law firm to provide a valuable service to our neighbors. We don’t operate as silos; we coordinate all parties necessary to fulfill our clients’ needs.”

Joining Kellam as expert panelists were Estate Planning Attorney and Longview City Councilwoman Kristen Ishihara, State Farm Agent and former Longview City Councilwoman Kasha Williams and Johnson Realty Broker Cherika Johnson. The discussion was moderated by Kedarious Colbert, a community leader in Longview. The event was sponsored by Longview City Councilwoman Nona Snoddy.

Kellam is a frequent speaker in the Tyler area, having presented to various groups at UT Tyler and Tyler Junior College in addition to realtor groups. At Flowers Davis, he practices real estate law, banking law, corporate law, and advises on estate planning matters.

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