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Intellectual Property

Flowers Davis is proud to offer representation by a registered USPTO attorney to inventors, entrepreneurs and others seeking to protect their intellectual property.

Our Patent Prosecutor:

  • Conducts patentability analyses to determine if your invention, process or design is indeed patentable
  • Prepares, drafts and files patent applications
  • Negotiates with and responds to office actions from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Conducts patent reviews and appeals before the USPTO
  • Prepares and files appeals with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Develops Patent Portfolio Management Plans, which help businesses protect their R&D efforts, bolster their market position, generate revenue from licensing agreements and create barriers to competition
  • Protects clients against copyists and competitors by filing Comprehensive Design Patents, which complement utility patents by protecting names or symbols (trademarks), original works of authorship (copyrights) and inventions (patents)

Flowers Davis also has a team of experienced litigators ready to defend your patent, trademark or copyright should the need arise. We handle patent infringement litigation and we have extensive experience practicing before the Federal courts. Our attorneys have served as local and trial counsel for numerous infringement cases pending before the United States Court for the Eastern District of Texas and each of its divisions.

Practicing Staff: